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silentzombie asked: You said you were having trouble with storenvy? So should I only buy stuff from your etsy for now?

I was just having problems with them actually sending order inquiries.  Apparently the contact system through their actual site is kinda broken, so it doesn’t always send messages that way (or they get backed up and sent out at random intervals).  There aren’t any problems with checking out or processing orders, just being able to receive contact from customers.  FYI, if you ever have an issue with a Storenvy order, you can always contact me directly at retrograde@retrogradeworks.com.  I always respond to every email, but a lot of times my replies get eaten by spam filters (so make sure to check those if you’ve emailed me directly!).  I get a lot of people thinking I haven’t replied when my mails are going directly to their junk box (where they are deleted or kept for a bit and then deleted in most systems).

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