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http://thekawaiimachine.etsy.com or www.kawaiimachine.com

Hehe, black was popular the last few batches :).  These are new photos of some of my most recent designs!  They’re $25 each plus shipping on classic fit women’s tees in sizes S through 2XL.  Upgrades for slim fit and unisex tees are available!

Don’t forget:  From now until the end of July, you can save 10% off your order in either shop with no minimum purchase, just enter the code HALLOWEENINJULY during checkout!

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http://thekawaiimachine.etsy.com  or www.kawaiimachine.com

Forget about Christmas, it’s Halloween in July!  I had an insatiable notion to draw up some ridiculously cute and spooky themes this week and came up with these adorable brand new tee designs :D!

Haunted Twilight Castle

Witches’ Brew

Pumpkin Gang

Milky Stars and Planets (the grey color represented here is printed in a true metallic silver foil, not just a ‘grey’ color :D).

Each of these tees are printed professionally using high temperature vinyl for bold, crisp graphics on any color shirt available.  By default, they arrive on classic fit cotton womens’ tees sizes S through 2XL for $25 each plus shipping.  If that’s not the fit you’d like, you can upgrade to a slim fit womens’ or unisex cotton tee. 

If you’d like a color on a different color tee, just let me know in your order notes (ie: I want pink planets on a pink shirt instead of the blue).  I can also do custom colors for these designs, just shoot me a note with your ideas.

All month you can save 10% on either site with no minimum purchase by using the code HALLOWEENINJULY.

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atomicthecreep asked: you should add to your FAQ's where you are based! (like, where you live)

That info is available on both shops :).  For the record, though, I live in Nashville, TN :3.

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Kawaii Machine FAQs

Hi guys!  Answering the same questions over and over is beginning to eat up a huge chunk of my making, packaging, and shipping time.  In order to free up some more time, I’ve compiled this list of the most frequently asked questions for the shops.

1.  When will my item ship?

The quickest way to figure this out is to simply check your order information in your account on Etsy or Storenvy.  If it’s not listed in the details, the item description or shop FAQ on those pages will let you know.

2.  Why does it take two weeks to ship a t-shirt?

If you ordered a Kawaii Machine brand item, those are hand made by me to order.  I round up the orders each week and get busy printing to keep the batches running on time.  I’m one person in a little studio making cute things.  None of the KM brand clothing items are pre-printed, they’re all made from my own designs using my two hands :). 

Also, I sometimes have to order the materials I need.  This takes a day or so to receive.  I have a very small studio that I work out of and if I had every size and color on hand and available at all times, I would literally be swimming in shirts.  I don’t want to compromise the range of sizes, colors, and options available, though, so I make do :).

3.  Is “insert item here” in stock?

If it’s jewelry, socks, vintage or other small accessories, those items are in stock and on hand, ready to ship within 48 hours.

4.  I’m willing to pay extra to ship my item sooner, can this be done?

Sure, but it’s not going to speed up the making process, unfortunately.  Only the shipping time after it’s completed.

5.  What types of shipping do you offer?

I use Priority in the US and First Class with optional insurance for international shipments.

6.  My package hasn’t been delivered and I want a refund.

All shipments have a tracking number or a label number which I can use to track them.  If an item shows as being delivered using these numbers, then I cannot issue a refund.  Only when a label number shows a clear discrepancy in the mailing process.

7.  The size I ordered isn’t the size I thought it was, I want a refund.

There are size charts for the garments I use linked on the shop announcement on Etsy and the sidebar on Storenvy.  You can use these to gauge which shirt will fit.  Too many times orders are placed without reading these.  If you’re unsure about something, PLEASE message me for clarification.  Once I start making an order, I can’t change anything, so the sooner you ask, the better. 

I don’t issue refunds for handmade products, since each shirt is made to order, that’s money coming out of my own pocket twice. Please be sure what you need before you place an order, I’m more than happy to help!  If you haven’t worn an item, I can do exchanges, though, but you will need to mail back the unworn item at your own cost.  I’ll ship the replacement out for free.  I won’t sell worn clothing, however, so be aware that if I can tell an item has been worn, there will be no replacement.

8.  I need an order by this date, can you help?

If it’s an accessory, you should be good to go.  If it’s clothing, I need to know of any deadlines you have BEFORE you place an order so I can make the necessary accommodations to get it to you in time.  Please don’t place orders and then message me in a week to tell me you need it sooner.  It’s already been placed in the queue and started in the order it was received. 

Import items are unable to be shipped faster due to the shipping structure which makes that shipping free.  They usually ship within a few days of your order, however, and depending on your location it can take 15-26 days to arrive.

9.  Can you mark these items as gifts so I don’t have to pay customs fees?

Nope, nope, nope.  This is merchandise that you’re importing to another country.  I can get in serious legal trouble if I’m caught falsifying customs forms and I won’t do it.  Customs fees are taxes placed on goods based on the value of things you order by your own country’s government, it has nothing to do with postage paid.  There’s nothing I can do to circumvent them.  Research your own country’s fees to make sure you don’t get stuck with a high tax on imported goods.

10.  Why does it take so long to ship overseas?

For one, it’s overseas, it just takes a bit :).  Two, sometimes it takes customs longer to process some packages than it does others.  I have no idea why or what causes it, it’s the government.  They don’t get fires lit under their butts for anything.

11.  Can you draw something and let me see it before you put it on a shirt for me?

Only if you’re planning on paying for the finished product up front via a custom order.  I’ve done so many designs only to have people flake out on payment or ‘promise to buy it next month.’  I don’t mind custom requests, but I have very little free time as it is.

12.  Can you put this ‘random image here’ on a shirt for me?

Nope.  I only print my own original designs.  I have no way of knowing if it’s artwork that belongs to another artist and I just don’t have the time to be a detective as well.

13.  ‘Insert product here’ is cheaper at ‘insert store here,’ why are you charging more for it?

Because I don’t live in Korea/Japan/China and rely on contractual suppliers who set their base prices differently than Taobao resellers.  It actually requires proof of a business license (I operate under an LLC) to work with them.  It might be a little more expensive, but it’s much less of a headache than having to weed through scam shops or to find a reputable agent.  I have extremely good communication with my suppliers through their parent management company.

14.  This item is out of stock, will you get it back?

If it’s an import item, I’ll probably be able to restock it within two weeks or so.  I don’t sell items unless I’m positive that they’re available.  If it’s Kawaii Machine brand, chances are the design has been retired.  Some shirts just aren’t that popular, so I take them down or they expire.

15.  My item was lost in the mail, I want a refund.

Priority mail purchased online includes up to 50$ of insurance.  So if your order is under that amount, I can show you how to start a claim.  If it’s over that amount, I’m not sure if you can still file a claim, but I can still direct you to the USPS webpage for it.  If you have an international package and didn’t purchase insurance, sadly, there’s not much I can do.

16.  I have a blog/instagram/webpage/whatever and I can review your products!

The amount of messages, notes, emails, and convos I get regarding promotion, sponsorship, and reviews is absurd.  99.9% of these are spam and I either report them or block them.  If you want to do a review, please consider supporting my creations by making a purchase.  This is my full time job and my business, it’s how I put food on the table and pay my bills.  I simply don’t have the ability to send freebies out to everyone that asks.

17.  My shirt/hoodie smells weird!

Your shirt or hoodie was just made for you the day of or in the few days before it was shipped.  It’s fresh off the press and the heat press + transfer materials and vinyl causes it to smell a bit like new plastic for a bit.  You can either let the shirt air out if it’s too much (if you’re particularly sensitive to scents) or toss it in the wash before wearing :).

Last updated 7/12/2014

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Yo FYI to those in the Fairy Kei and Lolita communities, beware of Alice Berselli, or http://alice76.tumblr.com/ here on Tumblr.

She sent me a long-ass message basically asking for free items from my etsy store so she can “review” them.

idk about you, but in order to review an item, you buy…

She does this to everyone who sells remotely ‘kawaii’ items in their shop.  I’ve gotten several of the same messages from her, specifically, in the past.  She didn’t even bother to change the text in the duplicates. 

It’s not just her, either.  The amount of copy pasted ‘sponsor’ and ‘review’ messages, emails, asks, notes, etc, etc, I get crossed over the border of ludicrous ages ago.  I got burned a few times by even some supposedly reputable bloggers.  They just dropped off the face of the planet with 50+$ worth of items. 

New shop owners should be very wary of these types of messages.  The majority of them are just trying to get free stuff, they have absolutely no intention of ever posting a review.  If you want models or reviews, do your homework and find someone well known in the community with a good track record of reviews and blog posts.  Reach out to them yourself!

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Hello cuties!  Just an FYI as this has been a trend this week:  If you have a deadline, you need to let me know BEFORE you place an order.  Otherwise Kawaii Machine tees and hoodies are sent out according to the order received.  Pretty much any questions you have can be answered in the shop policies or shop FAQs (or me, just ask :D).  It’s always a good idea to make sure you read through the information provided before purchasing from any shop.